Prospector Update June 3, 2020

Lending and borrowing of physical items through Prospector is still unavailable. Even though some libraries have opened and others are offering curbside delivery, we can't restore Prospector until the statewide courier has resumed. Most libraries are still waiting for courier services to restart. We will provide further updates as we have more information. In the meantime, some libraries have allowed patrons to borrow e-resources including streaming videos.

Some E-Resources still Available through Prospector

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic most libraries in Colorado are closed and the statewide courier is currently shutdown. As a result, we have turned off borrowing and lending through Prospector for all physical items. Some libraries still allow requesting of e-resources, which mainly includes Springer and Elsevier ebooks and streaming videos from Swank and Films on Demand. In those cases we have restored borrowing privileges for electronic resources only.

Prospector Celebrates 20 Years!

Prospector is 20 years old this month, August 2019. Originally developed as a regional union catalog for many of the major academic and public libraries in Colorado and Wyoming, today Prospector includes over 50 public and academic libraries and is the premier resource for sharing materials between libraries. Over the last decade Prospector has increased substantially. Close to half a million items are lent through Prospector on an annual basis and the catalog is home to over 30 million items including books, CDs, audio and electronic books and more.

Bemis Public Library Joins Prospector

Bemis Public Library in Littleton is the newest member to Prospector. Bemis has about 196,000 items including books, CDs, DVDs, digital resources and other materials. They have materials in foreign languages including Spanish, Russian and Vietnamese, and a small number of books in Braille. Bemis serves a diverse population from infants, teenagers, immigrants and the visually impaired. We are thrilled with this latest addition to Prospector.