End of Semester Coming!

The end of semester is coming for students!  Remember to order your Prospector materials about a week ahead of time for them to arrive before the final reports and papers are due.

The Prospector Team

DU Unavailable in Prospector Beginning April 30, 2016

On May 1, 2016, the University of Denver (DU) will be unavailable in Prospector while they switch vendors for  their local catalog.  During this time, their materials will be unavailable through Prospector and  faculty and students won’t be able to request items using  their DU library card.  DU card holders are encouraged to get a card from a local public library in Prospector during this period of time.  DU should be fully reintegrated into Prospector before the Fall quarter of 2016.

Thanks for your patience during this transition.


Prospector Support Team


Prospector Unavailable Wednesday 2/17/2016 AM

Prospector  is currently unavailable due to routine system maintenance that has required us to take it off line.  We hope to have it back online soon.  Please come back to visit when the system has been restored.  We apologize for the inconvenience.


Prospector Staff Team

Prospector Deliveries Return to Normal

The statewide courier system was experiencing delays the last several weeks.  These issues have been resolved and items requested through Prospector should be delivered once again within a week or sooner. If you continue to experience long delays, please contact your local library so they can look further into the issue and contact the courier if necessary.


Thanks for your patience.

Prospector Team

Delays in Prospector Delivery

The statewide courier, which transports library materials  to libraries throughout Colorado and to the University of Wyoming is having some delivery problems lately.  Prospector items may be significantly delayed due to this.  Please be patient while the courier works out these issues.  Prospector items will eventually get to you, but will likely take longer than normal.  We apologize for this temporary inconvenience.


Prospector Team

Free access to almost one million ebooks through Hathi Trust

Prospector is pleased to announce that the public domain materials from HathiTrust (http://www.hathitrust.org/about) have been added to the union catalog.  HathiTrust is a partnership between major research institutions and libraries to preserve the cultural record and make them available to future generations.  Prospector has loaded records for close to  one million public domain ebooks and they are accessible to all users of Prospector at no cost.  Users may read the ebooks online or download a single page at a time.

The HathiTrust titles will appear in the general results panel of any search done in Prospector although users may limit their search to these materials by selecting the HathiTrust facet on the new Prospector interface.  When a HathiTrust title is found just click on the link that says “Digital File” and you will be taken to the e-resource.

HathiTrust began a number of years ago when Google started digitizing major research collections of libraries in North America.  The primary community that Hathi Trust serves are faculty, students and users of the partner libraries. However, the open access content is available for anyone to access.


Welcome Back to School

Welcome back to school.. Traditionally, most academic libraries do not collect text books, however, some may be found in Prospector. In addition, many classes have books which are required for class which not be classified as textbooks but are required reading. Many of these can be found and requested through Prospector.

A couple of helpful suggestions for identifying textbooks in Prospector include:

  1. Make sure that you are getting the proper edition of the book required for class. Publishers frequently publish new editions in order to keep sales strong and minimize the used book market.
  2. If you have the ISBN for a textbook this can be used to search for an exact edition. Just enter this in the search box (without dashes or spaces) to look for a specific title
  3. Remember that Prospector allows for a three week loan period with one renewal. This means you can keep a book for up to six weeks. Find out when the title might be needed in the semester. Sometimes you may be using the Prospector version as a tide over if your item is back ordered.  If you need a book for longer, order a second copy (if available) about a week before the first book is due back.  Then return the book that is due back.
  4. Prospector supports link-outs to ecommerce sites for ordering new or used books. In the new Prospector interface go to a full-record and look for the Google Preview which will allow you to peek inside a book and make purchases. In the Classic version of Prospector use the “Find More Resources” button to find links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google and other source
  5. Is an ebook available to meet your needs?  Although many ebooks are only available to registered borrowers from a specific library, there are some which can be lent or accessed.  Feel free to just try links, if they work they may be open access.  Otherwise look for copies that are offered from libraries for which you have library cards.

Good luck with the new semester in school.

Prospector Partners with MOBIUS (Missouri) to Bring 27 million Additional Resources to Users

Prospector has expanded to Missouri!  Yes, you heard it right.  Prospector is now connected to MOBIUS, a 501(3) C Non-profit Consortium based out of Columbia, MO, with  over 70 member libraries, representing a mix of public, academic and special libraries in Missouri. Patrons will now have access to over 27 million items in the MOBIUS catalog in addition to the 32 million items in the Prospector catalog.

How it works

If you don’t find what you are looking for in Prospector, click on the MOBIUS search button, which is right under the “Find Resources” button in the Classic catalog.  In Encore, you will find this button directly under the Prospector logo on the right side of the screen.  Once you click the button, you can search for the item in the Mobius catalog and place your request right there.

Due to some technical issues that we are working to resolve, MOBIUS  is currently not available to library card holders from the following institutions.

  • Adams State University
  • Basalt Regional Library District
  • Bud Werner Memorial Library, Steamboat Springs
  • Colorado Christian University
  • Colorado Mesa University
  • Colorado Mountain College
  • Colorado School of Mines Library
  • Denver Public Library
  • Eagle Valley Library District
  • Garfield County Public Library District
  • Grand County Library District
  • Gunnison County Library District
  • Mesa County Public Library District
  • Pitkin County Library (Aspen)
  • Salida Regional Library
  • Summit County Libraries
  • Town of Vail Public Library
  • Western State Colorado University
  • Wilkinson Public Library


Prospector Down on August 4-August 5th

Prospector will be unavailable on August 4-5, 2014, while we  connect Prospector to the Mobius union catalog  in Columbia, Missouri.  Mobius, a 501(3)C Non-profit Consortium based out of Columbia, MO, has  71 members, which include 61 academic libraries, 5 public libraries, 2 special libraries, the Missouri State Library, and 2 Associate Members, serving a total of 168 physical branches.  Prospector patrons will now have access to the Mobius catalog which includes over 27 million items.

If you don’t find what you are looking for in Prospector, there will be a button in Prospector to search for the item in the Mobius catalog.  If the item is found in Mobius, the patron can place the request, just as they would place a request in Prospector.  They will authenticate with the appropriate information and select a pick up location for delivery.

Loveland Public Library Joins Prospector


Loveland Public Library has served Loveland area residents since 1905. In 2012 a major expansion and renovation was completed. Library services are now housed in a 57,000 sq. ft. building in the Civic Center that also includes a recreation center, Foote Lagoon amphitheater and the municipal building.
The library serves a population of 70,000 with many programs in the library and in the community. Thirteen weekly storytimes are presented for preschoolers and families. Outreach services include children’s programming at daycares and low-income housing as well as delivery to homebound residents. A special teenseen area was created with space for gaming, programs and teen fiction. The library’s collection includes over 160,000 books, DVDs and audio items as well as Book Club Kits, preloaded Nooks and local history resources. The Library Technology and Information area has 48 workstation public computing center, a 15 person classroom and a content creation lab with 3D printer.
Loveland is known for its arts community, bronze foundries and Benson Sculpture Park. The library has a permanent collection of art and also hosts quarterly art shows and the City’s Art in Public Places 2D annual exhibit.